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wooden roofs
and wooden facades

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wooden roofs
and wooden facades

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Company foundation and creation is associated with its owner and manager Mārtiņa Ceriņa practical experience working in America, where wood in construction is used very widely, including using it as a roof and wall finishing material, due to its technical and physical characteristics.

Using technology that he got to know in America and in Latvia available timber materials, company offers each client high-quality shingle finishing materials . Ltd. "Kurzemes šindelis" was founded in 2011.

Shingle is a conical type wooden finishing material, which can be made of oak, pine, larch, etc. material. Each type of wood has its own characteristics: strength, safety, durability, color and application possibilities.

The company mainly works with oak material acquired in local market that for a long time has been recognized as a very valuable material in Latvia because it does not rot, is resistant to sun, rain and other weather conditions, it is strong and reliable material, which can be subjected to modern form solutions.

The company's operating principle: use Latvia's most valuable gold - wood - and create possible larger added value with our work while working here in Latvia.

This material's main advantages are:

  • made from renewable resources and environmentally friendly (eco) material,

  • high resistance to weather, conditions,

  • the ability to withstand a strong wind that reaches a speed of up to 245 km / h (68 m / s),

  • longevity (oak shingles serve 70-80 years),

  • provides sound and noise insulation,

  • able to "breathe", creating a favorable microclimate,

  • serves as a cold and heat isolator,

  • strong texture and dark brown-gray tone form a simple, aesthetic and appealing look


Up to 1950-ties in Scandinavia and Central Europe wooden shingle roofs were the most common. In 17th and 18th century wooden shingles traditional making method was by slicing wooden blocks in thin staves.

For this method was used a special ax with which were split thin staves in parallel with the wood fibre. Revolution in shingle production took place at the beginning of 19th century due to the invention of steam engine. Smoothly sawn shingles prevailed manual labor and decreased need for chipped shingles.

As a result, wooden roofs served 70 years or more, depending on the tree species and shingles treatment. Wooden roof shingles are special with the fact that they can be applied to all types of roof forms, and can be used in both traditional and modern architecture.

In America oak shingles are almost forgotten material, but historically they have been widely used in western and eastern states. There are still opportunities to view 60 and 70-year-old roofs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and other states.

Even George Washington, getting acquainted with oak shingle longevity, chose this material for all Mt.Vernon buildings.

Head of USA wood product laboratory Michael Contezas explanation: "Oak was intensively used for the production of shingle until oak as a high-quality wood was requested in many other applications, thus the availability of oak for shingle production was limited. From that time in shingle manufacturing is used Canadian red and white cedar.


Ward Hatchings from the USA National Tree Product Association oak shingles strength explains as follows: "The white oak is unique in that the wood fibers are included in membranes „tyloses” which does not allow moisture to penetrate the fibers. Therefore, white oak for centuries was used in the construction of wooden ships that prove this wood qualification as a very durable wood species”. White oak shingles quickly overtakes a dark gray color. Life expectancy of these shingles, installing correctly, is larger than the red cedar shingles.

Tests prove that wooden roof keeps the loft of about 28°F cooler in hot summer, which in turn reduces the air conditioning system costs by 20%. By contrast, cells in wood products acts as a natural heater. And the best thing, as long as Mother Nature helps keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in the winter, you reduce CO 2.

Relatively less energy is consumed from fossil fuel dependent resources, such as coal or fuel-operated factories. And it is a wise move, because it is friendlier to our planet. Available special treatment with "dikants", it gives natural brown color, while maintaining a transparent texture. "Dikant" is not burned by sun and washed by rain, it protects tree against rot and microorganisms, increases ignition time ration and does not react with metals. Oak shingles can withstand wind speed of 245km/h (68m/s). The first category - 100% heartwood, 100% parallel fiber and 100% pure (knots, cracks, defects).


Younger trees grow faster and absorb more CO 2. By contrast, old forests, which are close to the end of life cycle, absorbs much less CO 2. When using wooden shingles, the CO 2 is locked into wooden cells for decades. 

Oak shingles are absolutely environmentally friendly building materials. White oak shingle production causes the least amount of damage to natural resources, because during its life the tree has reached such girth that it can again be used in production.

To produce wood shingles, it is necessary to consume less power than other alternative industrial materials.

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Our assortment

Offered shingle roof standard sizes are shown in the image and upon customer order can be produced in different size finishing materials.

Lapegles shingles

are suitable for roof and wall finishes

oak shingles

Oak shingles

are suitable for wall and roof finishes

ash shingles

Ash shingles

are suitable for wall finishes

Aspen shingles

Aspen shingles

are suitable for roof and wall finishes

Pine shingles

Pine shingles

are suitable for roof and wall finishes

Decorative shingles

according to customer wishes

Wooden shingles treatment

Wooden shingle painting


Wooden shingle oiling


Wooden shingle treatment with antiseptics

Treatment with antiseptics

We offer wooden shingles laying and installation works for roofs and facades

We offer wooden shingles laying
and installation works for roofs and facades

Wood shingles is a finishing material, which main advantages are:

  • made from renewable resources and is environmentally friendly (eco) material;

  • high resistance to weather conditions;

  • impervious to moisture;

  • the ability to withstand strong winds that reach speeds of up to 245 km/h (68 m/s);

  • longevity (oak shingles serve 70-80 years);

  • ensure sound and noise insulation;

  • able to "breathe" creating a favorable microclimate;

  • serves as a cold and heat insulator, e.g. in winter provides extra insulation and in summer absorbs sun's heat;

  • strong structure and dark brown gray tone creates a simple, aesthetic and attractive appearance.

From wood made materials are superior to other materials not only in terms of fire safety, but also in case of necessity and upon customer order it is possible to perform additional processing for higher fire endurance.

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 Facades of a private house

Decorative, oak shingles

 Banquet Hall for the roof for the Riia building 

Oiled apse shingles

Facade of the farm building

Painted pine shingles

"Farm in the City"

Pines shingles


Gramzda Lutheran Church 

Oak shingles

"Kurzemes šindelis" workshop 

Painted oak shingles

Kalsnava Arboretum 

Antiseptized oak shingles

Private house gazebo

Granary in fair
"Lauku sēta pilsētā"

Private house facade

Painted ash shingles

Private house facade

Antiseptized oak shingles

Private house roof and facade

Oiled pine shingles on the roof, painted tiles on the wall

Module house facade

Painted pine shingles

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